Koi Dessert Bar rebrands to savoury dining


Pumpkin rendang. Image source: Koi Dessert Bar and Dining

Reynold Poernomo has rethought his Koi Dessert Bar in Sydney, switching its focus from intricate cakes to full dinner menus.


Reynold Poernomo has been known for his spectacularly complex and striking desserts thanks to his time on MasterChef, but in an interview with Good Food he says he's now realised he played that up too much.


"It's a very niche market; desserts are a treat, not a necessity," says Poernomo.


The sit-in dessert bar will now be known as Koi Dessert Bar and Dining, and rather than doing degustations of mainly dessert courses, the tasting menu will now be 70 per cent savoury, though diners can opt for a “just desserts” tasting menu options too.


The new dining menu combines flecks of Poernomo's Indonesian heritage with Japanese ingredients and European techniques. Dinner starts with Sydney Rock oysters and pastry cigars are filled with smoked kelp cream and white soy-cured salmon roe. It then moves on to a pumpkin version of a rendang curry with butternut pumpkin, spherified yoghurt and spiced pumpkin seeds, followed by steamed hapuka with mussels, garlic puree, blush turnip, finger lime and roe dressing, and Jack's Creek beef short ribs with pumpkin, enoki mushrooms, blistered capsicum, sambal, beef jus and mountain pepper. Out of nine or 11 courses, three are desserts.


The other Koi outlets around Sydney will remain devout sweet destinations.



Beef short rib. Image source: Koi Dessert Bar and Dining