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On this episode of Consumed, host and sushi aficionado Kat Odell visits Sushi Ginza Onodera, the New York City outpost of an acclaimed Tokyo omakase restaurant, to try the many-coursed meal that sets diners back $400. Is it worth it? Watch the video above for an inside look.

Clayton Wells takes Condé Nast Traveler inside his first solo restaurant Automata- one the hottest restaurants on the Australian food scene. Wells reveals his commitment to change, his passion for local and seasonal produce, and how the architecture of Automata encourages people to let their hair down while they dine.

In light of the recent Keystone Group receivership and the imminent review of the lockout laws, we pause a moment for this video eulogy to Sydney pubs and clubs, recently deceased, created by Sydney-based production company Shifted Pictures.

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