RECIPE: Alanna Sapwell's fat-washed marshmallows

As part of our Next Generation Recipe Den, Drinks With Chefs founder, Alanna Sapwell, shares her recipe for fat-washed mashmallows.


Fat wash
150 g rendered pancetta or speck fat
250 ml rum


  • Mix well the pork fat with the rum. Sous vide at 72°C for 6 hrs before allowing to freeze. Once frozen, remove the fat (this should come off in one piece) and reserve the fat-infused rum.

188 ml water
84 g glucose
625 g sugar
58 ml fat-infused rum
30 g gelatine, preferably titanium
110g egg whites, smoked and half-whipped

  • In a small saucepan, heat the water, glucose and sugar to 130°C. Add the egg whites in a slow, steady stream.
  • In a separate bowl, mix the gelatine and fat-infused rum. Once the residual heat has melted the gelatine pour into egg white mixture. Whisk until fluffy and pour into lined and well-sprayed oven tray (23 cm x 33 cm). Transfer to the fridge and allow to set.

150 g rendered pancetta or speck fat
50 g malto
Salt, to taste


  • Place the malto in a bowl and slowly add the melted fat, whisking to combine. Add salt to taste.


  • Cut the marshmallows into 2 cm squares, and roll in the dusting immediately to avoid sticking. Serve at room temperature.