Sunny Queen Australia launches omelette bites for breakfast market

Worth $7.7 billion it is no wonder that the out-of-home breakfast market is big business in Australia. And to help small and medium-sized foodservice businesses to compete in this arena, Sunny Queen Australia has released its new range of omelette bites.

The Sunny Queen omelette bites offer venues easy-to-prepare menu items for on-the-go consumption.

Pre-packaged in single serves and sold as a mixed box of two flavours - smoked ham and cheese, and creamy fetta and spinach - the omelette bites are made from fresh Sunny Queen eggs.

They have a 12-month, frozen shelf life and five-day thawed life to help business reduce their food waste.

"It’s crucial for food service businesses such as cafes and takeaway shops, and even service stations that are attracting commuters for their morning coffee, to rethink their food offering, capitalise on the trend, and claim some of this market share," says John O’Hara, Sunny Queen managing director.

“The best way to say ‘breakfast’ is with the humble and nutritious egg.

"Australians are consuming 15 million every day, and 63 per cent of us are eating an egg for breakfast at least once a week.

"It’s our mission to help more food service businesses compete in this lucrative market, that’s why we developed our new omelette bites – an easy incremental purchase to a morning coffee."

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