SPC's ProVital easy-open cup wins top award

Australian food producer, SPC, has been recognised at the 2018 WorldStar Packaging Organisation Awards for its ProVital easy-open cup range.

After research revealed key factors contributing to rates of poor patient nutrition within hospitals across Australia, SPC commissioned design and packaging suppliers to create an easy-to-open cup using guidelines provided by NSW Health and Arthritis Australia.

The resulting ProVital cup range features a textured and lengthened pull tab, decagon shape, and optimised seal all designed for easier grip and to reduce force.

"The issue of packaging accessibility is becoming more and more prominent in our society as the population ages,"  says SPC category marketing manager ProVital, Chris Deed.

"For us, having our range receive the highest possible accessibility rating from Arthritis Australia of +8, with 95 per cent of the population reporting an easy-to-open product is one thing – but to be recognised by the WPO with an award of this stature, is something that makes the journey so worthwhile."

Carmen Rechbauer, executive director, Clinical Support Services at HealthShare NSW is thrilled with the SPC ProVital easy-open cup.

She says, "It is essential that packaging of food served in hospital is easier for patients to open in order to support their nutrition outcomes.

"Easy open packaging not only contributes to improved nutrition in hospitals, but it also allows our most vulnerable patients to retain their independence and dignity by easily accessing their own food."

SPC ProVital products are currently available through hospitals and aged care facilities, with further plans for expansion.

The SPC ProVital easy-open cup received top recognition in the food category at the 2018 WorldStar Packaging Organisation Awards.

For more information, please visit spc.com.au.