ACO extends grease separator range for commercial kitchen waste

An artist's impression of one of ACO's in-ground gravity grease separators. 

Grease trap manufacturer and supplier, ACO Passavant, has expanded its range of grease separators with the release of an in-ground gravity system with a 5,000 L total capacity.

ACO's grease traps are designed to capture wastewater containing fats, oils and grease (FOGs) and food solids from commercial kitchens and food processing plants.

Food solids sink to the bottom of the unit under gravity, while FOGs, which are less dense, float to the top and the treated wastewater flows into the sewer system.

Left untreated and trade waste can compromise workplace health and safety as well as have an impact on the environment and a business' plumbing. Furthermore, it could result in costly repair bills and non-compliance with water authorities and other regulatory bodies.

ACO’s range of below ground grease traps is available in 3,000 L, 4,000 L and 5,000 L capacities for in-ground applications, and 1,000 L, 1,500 L and 2000 L below and above ground units. 

They allow establishments like hospitals, cafeterias, cafes, and small food processors with large commercial kitchens to have greater control over FOGs discharged from sinks, dishwashers, kitchen appliances and other drainage outlets.

"The ACO Passavant grease separators give designers peace of mind when it comes to trade waste discharge," says Brad Ryan, ACO's NSW sales manager, ACO.

"The new range of capacities enables specifiers and installers to choose the most appropriate volume for the application knowing that the product is fully compliant with Australian water authorities and is easy to install, clean and maintain."

ACO's grease separators are robust and corrosion resistant, and made from lightweight polyethylene or glass reinforced plastic.

Their single access point ensures that the grease separators are easy to acess and clean, plus the varied choice of access covers and reinforced precast concrete collars protect the units in high traffic and load environments.

If buoyancy is a concern, the grease separator includes external ribs that help to prevent the unit from floating.

ACO provides full installation and design support for the decision making process including Revit models, drawings and installation guides.

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