Sweet, juicy and tangy Kanzi apples

When apples ain't apples. Discover the unique flavour of the kanzi apple with Kanzi Apple Australia's Mark Baker.

Where does the name come from?
Kanzi means 'hidden treasure' in Swahili.

How would you describe kanzi apples?
They are a shiny bright red and cream colour. With a juicy, sweet, yet tangy flavour combined with a deafening crunch. This winning flavour combination comes from them being a cross between a gala and a Braeburn apple.

Where do kanzi apples originate?
Kanzi was originally developed in Belgium Malus domestica (it is an orange pippin cultivar – with the technical name of Nicoter GKV NV). Kanzi is the number one selling apple in Europe these days. Australian growers are hoping Kanzi will achieve the same popularity status here.

Where do they grow best in Australia?
Kanzi apples are grown in all major Australian apple growing regions including: Stanthorpe, Orange, Batlow, Mornington, Yarra, Adelaide Hills, Manjimup, Perth Hills and Huon. Kanzi apples are grown under license to ensure a consistency of quality. They are handpicked and packaged with the key being to pick them at the exact point of ripeness.

When are they in season?
Mid-March through June (approximately) and never frozen nor stored long-term.

How long before a tree bears fruit?
Kanzi trees will start bearing fruit in three to four years and increase their crop size in the ensuing years.

How do kanzi apples compare to other Australian-grown apples?
Leading Australian, nutritionist Catherine Saxelby made this sensory comparison of Kanzi with other apples grown in Australia: "Compared to other apples, we found them (Kanzi) crisp, sweet, unbelievably juicy and a real treat. So much nicer than Jonathon (which were once my fave) and closer to a Jazz (which is harder and not in the same league) or a Pink Lady in firmness. That crunch also means that when cooking, their cell structure holds its own shape and texture, and doesn’t go mushy under heat as some apples do."

How would you describe their flavour profile?
Kanzis have unique flavour profile that is a refined sweet, yet tangy flavour combined with a luscious crisp crunch and mouth-filling juiciness.

What are some of the ways in which kanzi apples can be used in cooking?
Kanzi apples lend themselves to salads and cheese accompaniments especially strong cheeses like gorgonzola and with other fruit such as figs. Their crispness ensures they keep their shape when cooking and make excellent baking apples for delicate tarts or pies.

For further information, please visit kanziapple.com/au.