It’s a big week for leading light Peter Gilmore with the release of not one but two reader experiences: a stunning new book and rich digital extension iPad app. 

Organum, the title of the world-renowned chef’s immaculate new tome, hits bookstores on Wednesday and is the next in line to Gilmore’s best-selling Quay.

Featuring recipes for new and signature dishes, the 288-page book centers on philosophy and provenance: the principles that guide the chef and the Australian producers who inspire his cooking.

“Through my cuisine, I search for the idea of Organum; for a sense of purity, which is the essence of something that is complete, where all the elements work together to create something new,” says Gilmore of the name and ethos.

Fans eager for a sneak peek were able to download The Peter Gilmore App for iPad when it dropped yesterday in iTunes. And it’s a beauty to behold.

Featuring eight recipes, six from the book and two exclusive additions, the slick app with world-class videography and interactive technology was produced by Sydney design agency Pollen. Gilmore also takes to the mic to narrate the users’ journey as they “build” dishes from inspiration to ingredient to plate.

Priced at $8.99, the app is less than one-tenth the price of Organum, but to equate the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

“They’re really different visual mediums. People like solid objects to flick through,” says Gilmore, who describes the app as sharing DNA with the book. “The app is interactive and drills deeper.”

Gilmore’s app, in a class of its own in concept and execution, represents the next step in digital cookbook publishing, but the pioneer does not see it as a replacement to traditional offerings. “More and more, we’re going to see projects that complement each other so that users get even more out of the whole experience.” 

The Peter Gilmore App for iPad is available now exclusively through Apple App Store.

Organum ($100, Murdoch Books) is available at all good bookstores nationally from October 22, 2014.