Suppertime takes on the delivery logistics to link restaurants with home diners.

A new food delivery service has launched in Melbourne to help restaurants target home diners without the cost and logistical complication of organising an in-house delivery service.

Suppertime, which was originally founded in 1985 as a boutique courier service, has now expanded its portfolio to include a premium restaurant delivery service to connect high end and popular restaurants with customers at home.

Nathan Besser, co-founder of Suppertime, said the goal of the service was to “bridge the gap between quality food and convenience,” preventing fast food from being the only dine-at-home option.

“Our service is different to anything else on the market as we work only with restaurants that don't deliver,” he added, “employing our own drivers, which sees us take full ownership of the order and delivery process.”

A number of restaurants have already signed up to Suppertime, including Mamak, Mr Big Stuff, +39 Pizzeria and Mama's Buoi. The service officially commenced in Melbourne on 11 September – it is already available in Sydney.

“We're continuing to add new partners daily”, said Besser “and we're hoping to further expand our footprint as the business develops a following in Melbourne.”