The Broadsheet Kitchen at Saint Crispin reveals new head chef

Ryan Dolan, the first resident chef at The Broadsheet Kitchen at Saint Crispin. Photography: Jake Roden

The Broadsheet Kitchen at Saint Crispin opens next month in Collingwood with Ryan Dolan taking on the role of resident chef for three months. 

Currently working under Charlie Snadden-Wilson at Ramblr, Dolan impressed judges Nick Shelton, Chris Lucas, Anthea Loucas Bosha, Andrew McConnell and Vicki Wild during the competition process for his ‘Cabale’ restaurant concept.

Inspired by “bistronomy” (casual, French fine-dining) and the notion that “people matter most”, 30-year-old Dolan designed his Cabale concept around flavour and fun.

“I saw Broadsheet Kitchen as an opportunity to gauge how my cuisine would be received on home soil and a way to grow my network within the industry," he says.

"It’s a fantastic platform to experiment what I want to do, in a more controlled environment.”

Born in the United Arab Emirates to a Spanish-Filipino mother and Irish father, Dolan grew up in Cairns before travelling overseas, which included five years in France.

And having spent 13 years in the commercial kitchen, Dolan recently returned to Australia and is thrilled to have a platform at The Broadsheet Kitchen at Saint Crispin to showcase his globally influenced cuisine.

“It’s a reflection of a time and place, displaying warmth and vibrancy with elements of fun in its cooking without being should never be taken too seriously! I’m excited to translate my version of this to Broadsheet Kitchen,” he says.

Moreover, dedicated to sustainable cooking, Dolan's produce driven menu will encourage diners to make their selections on ingredients as opposed to the final dish – for example, start with pickled eggs, dandelion, lardo and onions, and continue with pan-roasted sweet lip with kombu and dill oil.

"Nose-to-tail, farm-to-table, and zero waste are all mantras that I strive to implement in my cooking," says Dolan.

"I'd like to be activist for things that go beyond the plate."

Overseeing the drinks program, Saint Crispin sommelier Tristan Vinson has crafted a wine list that will offer by-the-glass grapes from regional, lo-fi wineries as well as biodynamic and natural wines from France.

Shelton, founder and publisher of Broadsheet is excited to see The Broadsheet Kitchen at Saint Crispin launch with Dolan at the helm.

"Ryan is perfect to kick off the Broadsheet Kitchen," he says.

"We love giving this opportunity to talented, passionate people and we’re excited to see him experience working under an established, hands-on team in addition to the guidance of industry mentors participating in the project."

Dolan will take on the role of first resident chef of The Broadsheet Kitchen at Saint Crispin for three months. After that, three other chefs will be selected to take up a term in the venue.