Sydney’s original Chur Burger is closing after seven years

Chur Burger's New Zealand-inspired burger special. Image source: @churburgersurryhills via Instagram

One of Sydney’s best burger joints, Chur Burger in Surry Hills, will close its doors on August 17 after seven years of flipping. 

The chain will keep operating its food truck, and its Sydney airport, Rooty Hill, and Melbourne Chadstone branches, but the original in one of Sydney’s most expensive suburbs will say goodbye. Owner Warren Turnbull will move north with the hopes of opening a new burger joint in Brisbane. Turnbull will remain the owner of the Chur name, but will pursue new adventures in a new city, he wrote in a post on Instagram. 

“7 years ago we opened with a plan to serve the best burgers Sydney’s ever tasted. Over the years we’ve met some pretty amazing people, and served burgers to people from all over the globe and from all walks of life,” Turnbull continued. 

Opening in 2013, Chur Burger was at the forefront of the city’s burger boom. Since then, burger joints have exploded across Sydney and Australia. From its peak around 2016, some burger-restaurant owners now say the burger bubble has popped, and that to open a burger joint now would be near impossible due to over-saturation of the market. Foodservice operators from everyday cafes to fine-dining chefs like Shannon Bennett and Neil Perry have cashed in on the trend. 

From its original and cult Daddy Mac burger, Chur Burger kept ahead of the curve with one-off specials and new menu items that called upon flavours from around the globe – from a New Zealand fried chicken burger with white BBQ sauce, lettuce, spicy pickles, bacon and crushed New Zealand rashuns (cheese and bacon flavoured snacks); to surf and turf with grilled beef, buttermilk fried prawns, cheese, avocado, scorched corn salsa and chipotle mayo; and gyros burgers with grilled lamb shoulder, toum, rosemary seasoned chips and mint sauce. 

The original Chur Burger site on Albion Street has been sold to a Sydney cafe owner, but no word yet what it will become.