One of the world’s best bars opens in Sydney

Strawberry-gum vodka with green-ant soda. Image source: Scout

After running a pop-up bar at Maurice Terzini's Icebergs Dining Room and Bar last year, Matt Whiley’s London Bar, Scout, has opened a permanent location above the Dolphin Hotel in Surry Hills (also owned by Terzini).

Scout is currently ranked 28th on the World’s 50 Best Bars list for its produce-based focus, specifically its fermented fruit wines made from ingredients like citrus peels, roasted bananas, watermelon and Davidson’s plum.

The intent behind this innovation is to reduce waste. Any fruit offcuts or unused produce get upcycled for garnishes, infused into spirits, or used on the snack menu, which here is designed by Icebergs executive chef Monty Koludrovic.

To cope with the humidity, the Sydney drinks list uses lighter flavours and more clear spirits than the London original. Take the vodka soda for example, it's made with strawberry-gum vodka and green-ant soda, which has a pronounced citrus flavour.

Foraged and native Australian ingredients like these will feature across the menu, adding new spins on classic cocktails. Like Whiley’s Old Fashioned, which incorporates bourbon with sandalwood and quandong.