Nacho pies? Parma sausage rolls? Both are selling out at a new Footscray shop

Pie Thief's limited edition nacho pie. image source: @piethiefpies via Instagram 

A mince and kidney bean pie with corn chips wedged into the lid looks like a bizarre edible alpine landscape. Strange as it may look and sound, these, along with other mash-up flavour combinations, are selling out at a new Melbourne pie shop, Pie Thief. 

The tiny, mostly takeaway shop in Footscray is owned by Aaron Donato, who also runs popular beer bar next door Bar Josephine. 

Co-owner and chef Scott Blomfield (ex-Supernormal) has created a menu of deranged, boundary-pushing pies, which locals can’t get enough of – they’ve been selling out most weekends since opening on June 8. 

The menu of seven rotating flavours starts off familiar enough with a steak and cheese, but quickly moves into new territory with a bolognese lasagne pie (something they’re calling “the game changer”); a pumpkin, onion jam, and sliced tofu edition; and the aforementioned nacho pie, filled with chilli con carne and topped with cheese, Doritos, sour cream and pickled jalapeños. 

But the creative madness doesn’t stop there – it extends to the sausage rolls, which range from pork and fennel to chicken parma, made with chicken mince, bacon, red sauce and cheese. 

They’re also doing picture-perfect vanilla slices, with hot or cold milo to drink, if you don’t feel like a caffeinated beverage from Code Black.