Liminal’s five best-selling dishes so far

When Melbourne’s the Mulberry Group announced the sale of its star venues, Top Paddock, Higher Ground and the Kettle Black, late last year, the industry and the city’s brunchers were in shock. But the Group’s plan was to focus on new venues, the first of which, Liminal, opened in the CBD in May. As Melbourne’s most anticipated cafe opening of the first half of 2019, we asked head chef Martin Webster which dishes have been the most popular.

5. The plate

“Your choice of protein from the in-house rotisserie with your choice of freshly made salad. Easily the best lunch option.”

4. Ricotta and blueberry hotcake

“Great for the after-diner something sweet. It’s like eating a fresh baked cake from the oven.”

3. White anchovy and mozzarella toastie

“It’s a cheesy, salty, crunchy toastie that’s popular any time of day.”

2. Avocado toast

“We put an elegant fan of avocado and house made cottage cheese on rye toast. It’s something that people want to eat every day.”

1. Hot chicken roll

“Rotisserie chicken. Brioche roll. Gravy. Say no more.”