Governor-General to launch new Australian Vinegar facility

The new Australian Vinegar Innovation Centre in Stanthorpe, Queensland.

The Australian Vinegar Innovation Centre has finally been completed in south east Queensland. And after four years of design, development and construction, Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove will officially open the facility on Saturday March 25.

Located in the Stanthorpe Industrial Estate, the new centre incorporates the most modern technology currently available for vinegar research and development and commercial production.

Ian Henderson, CEO of Australian Vinegar, founded the company in 2005, initially as an export-only company. It has since grown to service both large and small food manufacturers with vinegar for food production.

Henderson says, "It was a long build with more than the usual amount of hurdles to overcome, but we wanted it done right the first time and we were determined to stay in Stanthorpe because of its location and beneficial cost of doing business here.

"We didn’t just build what we need now, we built what we need to grow our business for the next ten or more years. We are proudly a regional company and have built to stay.”

The new facility will bring much needed improvements in capacity and efficiency.

Henderson says, "There is more to come, but for now we are taking our new facility out for a spin and seeing what we can do with it. The new, much larger facility, has unlocked even more of our company’s potential."

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