Dimmi And American Express Reveal Booking Partnership

Dimmi CEO and founder, Stevan Premutico.

In an Australian first, American Express and Dimmi have announced an exclusive, long-term partnership. The collaboration will see the credit card fully integrated across the booking platform, allowing its card members to easily identify American Express accepting Dimmi restaurants, and make a reservation.

Dimmi CEO and founder, Stevan Premutico says the partnership is a significant win for their partner restaurants.

“American Express customers are some of Australia’s most sought after diners. Their Card Members are invariably the most affluent, premium spending diners that all restaurants should want dining at their business. They are true supporters of the industry and drive significant revenues, particularly through corporate dining.

“This partnership will not only benefit Dimmi restaurants by attracting more American Express Card Members but also benefits customers as it will make finding American Express friendly restaurants a breeze, it’s a symbiotic relationship."

Sian Chadwick, Vice President Global Merchant Services Marketing, American Express Australia says, "This partnership is a significant opportunity to provide our Merchants with the digital tools to drive more bookings and promote themselves. And it’s a great customer experience for our Card Members who want convenient booking options combined with earning rewards for dining out and paying with their American Express Card. This really is a win-win situation for both our Card Members and our dining Merchants."

Data from the 2015 American Express Dining Industry Trend Report shows that their customers are spending more than ever at Australian restaurants with:

  • American Express Card Members spent an average of $410 on all restaurant purchases in the month prior, relative to $272 average restaurant spend reported by Australian Non-Card Members
  • 12.2% growth in American Express transactions across the fine dining sector
  • 3.8% increase in total American Express spend in the fine dining sector

The Dimmi Booking Network continues to expand rapidly and now includes major international and domestic brands such as Qantas, TripAdvisor, Google, Good Food and American Express.