Deliveroo rolls out service “perks” to its Australian restaurants

Online delivery platform Deliveroo has just announced its Restaurant Perks program, which will be rolled out across the country next week.

8500 restaurants in Australia are partnered with the third-party delivery service, and almost all will be eligible for the program.

After partnering with outside companies and suppliers, a range of business supports will be given to Deliveroo restaurants as something of a Christmas bonus.

The restaurant perks and partners include:

Payment Systems: Australia’s business-only bank Tyro will provide restaurants across Australia with three months free EFTPOS terminal rental plus $100 savings in their Tyro Bank Account.

Recruitment: A partnership with Sidekicker offers restaurants the fastest way to hire short-term hospitality staff during busy periods or when staff are on holiday, and a partnership with Scout helps restaurants access a market leading job-board and number one choice for industry leading hospitality groups.

Restaurant Operations: To help improve day-to-day efficiency, Deliveroo has partnered with Trial, a simple and smart checklist for service operations, which integrates processes and actions from finance through to compliance. The partnership will provide restaurants across Australia with a 30-day free trial and a 20% discount thereafter.

Merchandise: Deliveroo has partnered with Australian Online Printing (AOP) to help restaurants find their brand voice, with support for all printing needs including menus, posters, stickers, cards and promotional items. Across Australia, restaurants can access 10% off all products and services from AOP, and 15 per cent off all Deliveroo co-branded products and services.

Restaurant Finance: Deliveroo has partnered with Valiant Finance which allows restaurants to compare all of their loan options online in one place, whether they are expanding, seeking new equipment or refurbishing. The partnership will provide restaurants with end-to-end expert advice plus $250 back on any loan.

Energy: Restaurants are high energy users which can lead to a significant portion of a restaurant’s costs. To help restaurants stay on top of energy costs, Deliveroo has partnered with Powershop, a carbon neutral energy provider, to offer $200 credit to restaurants in Victoria, New South Wales and south-east Queensland.