Dan Arnold to compete in Grand Finale of Bocuse D'Or

A bronze win at the Asian contest secures the chef's place at the final in Lyon.

Dan Arnold, Ryan Cosentino and the team celebrate their win (image: art-management)
Dan Arnold, Ryan Cosentino and the team celebrate their win (image: art-management)

Following his selection as the Australian entrant in this year's prestigious Bocuse D'Or contest, Dan Arnold has proven his mettle at the Asian contest, earning his place in the Grand Finale to compete against the world's best.

Arnold was placed third in the Bocuse D'Or Asian selection, beaten to the top spot by Japan's Kataro Hasagawa(gold) and Singapore's Yew En Tong (silver) but nonetheless securing his place as a finalist in one of the world's leading chef competitions, to be held in Lyon next year.

The Asian contest was held in Singapore last week, with Arnold competing alongside his commis chef Ryan Cosentino. The team had to produce ten portions of a fish dish featuring the Patagonian Toothfish from the Kerguelen Islands, and a meat dish that featured Augustus Angus Beef tenderloin and Rougié foie gras.

Both of the team's creations were inspired by their homeland:

“The fish dish included Skull Island Giant Tiger Prawn and a charred leek bon bon, which are a marriage of flavours from the sea to the land inspired by my home state of Queensland,” explained Arnold.

“My meat dish was brushed with aromas of the Australian barbecue, and served with a beef cheek torte and earthy Western Australian Manjimup truffle.”

There were nine countries competing on the day, with the top five qualifying for a place in the Grand Finale to be held in July in France; namely Singapore, Japan, Australia, China and South Korea.

Until then, Arnold will return to his job as sous chef at Restaurant Serge Vieira in France while Cosentino resumes work at his Melbourne cafe Mr Hendricks.