Chef Emma McCaskill joins new female-led Adelaide brewpub

Emma McCaskill is the new head chef at Sparkke at the Whitmore

Chef Emma Caskill, former head chef at Simon Kardachi’s the Pot in Adelaide, has found a new role at newly opened Sparkke at the Whitmore brewpub.

Kari Allen, co-founder of the female-led Sparkke Change Beverage Company took over the 850-square-metre 180-year-old pub earlier this year, opening the doors on International Women’s Day.

Just a month later, McCaskill will move into the top kitchen role next Tuesday, with a new menu that draws on her Indian heritage.

Coming from time in kitchens at Tetsuya’s, Ezard and two-Michelin-starred Narisawa in Tokyo, where she worked as the restaurant’s first non-Japanese chef, this will be a step away from her fine-dining background. Here she will showcase her flare for bold flavours and a new foray into share plates and communal dining.

McCaskill also advocates sustainable dining and will “[work] towards a minimal-waste, socially aware kitchen,” the Sparkke team posted on Instagram.

This kitchen will therefore be “a collaborative space that supports and involves South Australian farmers and producers, whose hard work means we can create clean and balanced flavours, and deliver a special experience to people every day,” says McCaskill.

On the brewing side of things, head brewer Agi Gajic runs an 800-litre operation in the pub, producing the Sparkke label’s “socially-conscious” brews, whose tins display slogans like “Consent Can’t Come After You Do” and “Change the Date”. In the kitchen, Gajic has started working with McCaskill on incorporating beers into the dishes.

McCaskill’s new menu will be up and running at the end of next week.