Canberra’s Night Noodle Market announces line-up

The Australia-wide Night Noodle Market event is returning to Canberra from March 1 to 10 for Good Food Month, and the menu is longer than a hand-pulled noodle. 

27 food vendors will bring a mix of Asian cuisines and cuisine fusions to Reconciliation Place, including household names like Wonderbao and Hoy Pinoy, as well as Gelato Messina, whose desserts this year take queues from Filipino cuisine.

The “Thrilla from Manila” is brown sugar banana gelato and banana bread wrapped in filo pastry, deep fried then topped with custard and chocolate peanut butter crumb, and the “Brazo De Messina” features layers of pandan gelato, baked meringue and condensed milk custard sandwiched between two layers of Graham Cracker crust.

The highly photographable event, adorned with floating lanterns and a killer backdrop of Parliament House, has called the food “Insta-worthy”, and no doubt it will be and each stallholder was asked to has nominate their most Insta-worthy dish.

One stall is doing a “phoritto” – noodles and pho flavours somehow wrapped in a tortilla; another is doing Mi Goreng-flavoured mac and cheese; Chur Burger is bringing a burger with grilled beef, cheese, crispy five-spiced bacon, butter lettuce, hoisin bbq sauce, rice wine pickles, a prawn cracker and aioli; and it wouldn’t be a night market without those tornado spiral potatoes on a stick. 

So, observations? There’s a lot of pork belly, dozens of deep-fried items, and gallons of spicy mayonnaise.