Bea has relaunched with a new menu

Barangaroo House’s new executive chef Tom Haynes, formerly head chef at Chiswick, has settled into his role and firmed up some new menus at the harbourside venue.

First to relaunch is Bea, with a renewed focus on simple techniques and elements. Haynes is championing the wood-fired grill by flaming local vegetables, meats, like a whole spatchcock stuffed with green rice and served on bread, and seafood, like tiger prawns, butterflied sea bream and calamari.

The menu is designed to share, with generous portions and whole beasts for large groups, including kilo t-bones and whole ducks, which are roasted and carved.

“I wanted to create an environment where people could relax and unwind. It’s food you want to eat in a place you want to eat it in,” says Haynes. “It’s a little bit cheeky, a little bit messy, but at the core of it all, it’s just tasty food that you’ll want to eat time and time again.”

Dessert is where the cheek comes out – Haynes has made his own version of Milo from cashews, which is served alongside Milo-inspired ice-cream. The apple Bombe Alaska is finished tableside with a photogenic display of liquid nitrogen, one of the few dishes to not use fire, while espressos come with a wattleseed "Caramelo Koala" on the side.  

Head sommelier Georgina Larsson’s has also spent the last three months creating a new wine list to match the menu. 

Haynes' new menu is now on at Bea, with new menus to come across the other Barangaroo venues, Smoke, and House Bar. 

Photography: Nikki To.