Australia's top restaurants honoured at Good Food Guide Awards

Peter Gilmore, winner of the Chef of the Year at the Good Food Guide Awards.

The national Good Food Guide Awards took place in Melbourne overnight, honouring and celebrating Australia's top chefs, sommeliers and venues.

The event also marked the release of second, national edition of the Good Food Guide, which saw 59 independent, anonymous food critics review 506 restaurants from Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra.

264 of these venues secured hat status, ranging from one to three.

The circle of three hat restaurants expanded to include Attica (VIC), Brae (VIC), Momofuku Seiobo (NSW), Minamishima (VIC), Quay (NSW), Restaurant Orana (SA) and Sixpenny (NSW).

The winners of the Good Food Guide Awards

  • Vittoria Coffee Restaurant of the Year - Restaurant Orana (SA)

  • Citi Chef of the Year - Peter Gilmore, Quay (NSW)

  • New Restaurant of the Year - Laura (VIC)

  • Santa Vittoria Regional Restaurant of the Year - Brae (VIC)

  • Josephine Pignolet Young Chef of the Year - Jodie Odrowaz (Iki Jime, VIC)

  • Bar of the Year - The Dolphin Hotel Wine Room (NSW)

  • Wine List of the Year - Otto (QLD)

  • Sommelier of the Year - Travis Howe, Carlton Wine Room (VIC)

  • Regional Wine List of the Year - Wickens at the Royal Mail (VIC)

  • Citi Service Excellence Award - Kylie Javier Ashton, Momofuku Seiobo (NSW)

  • Vittoria Coffee Legend Award - Stefano de Pieri, Stefano’s Cantina (VIC)

  • Food for Good Award - Sydney Doesn’t Suck (NSW)