Another Australian restaurant chain ditches plastic straws

Australian burger chain, Grill'd, has joined the 'plastic straws suck' campaign having removed all black plastic straws from its 130 restaurants.

Up until this point, Grill'd restaurants were using up to 1.7 million straws a year, and accordingly Simon Crowe, founder and managing director, is pleased his business can do its part to help the environment.

“Caring about sustainability and the environment has always been part of the Grill’d DNA, but we’re dedicated to doing more and getting better," he says.

“Banning straws is just one of the sustainability initiatives that we’re committed to, and we hope more restaurants will do the same."

The announcement to do away with plastic straws was made on the latest episode of the ABC's War On Waste television program, which aired on Tuesday August 8.

In addition to its withdrawal of all plastic straws, Grill'd follows a number of other sustainable practices. They include: 

  • A minimal food waste stance: 97 per cent of Grill’d’s produce gets eaten;
  • The use of locally farmed produce to maintain a low, food distribution footprint;
  • A commitment to sustainably planted forests, namely all paper and cardboard used for the takeaway packaging, knife sleeves and Mini Me kids packs are PEFC and FSC Certified, plus for every tree cut down, one gets planted in its place; and
  • Raising $4,000,000 for the Local Matters program, which has gone to 20,000 local community groups and organisations, of which many have a focus on the environment.