The Victorian distillery currently produces half a million bottles a year. Now that number is set to ramp up dramatically.

But they insist this isn’t sad news.

Ahead of Saturday's state election, foodservice venues will band together for one last bold move.

The group bought the venues in 2015, and quickly opened a second Bistro Moncur in Mosman. Now they've let go of both.

Including David McMahon’s sweet and sour cane toad legs, Shannon Bennett’s braised rabbit with smoked potato, Matt Stone’s yellow carp curry.

As part of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Shewry got a fresh serve of mutiny.

After 20 years, Simon Kardachi has announced its final service will be on March 31, before it's reborn.

The team behind Riserva wine bar in Melbourne’s southeast has opened a new seafood-centric wine bar and restaurant.

Hawker-inspired food made with instant noodles and flavour sachets is the focus of this new joint.

Partnering with hospitality groups Atlantic Group, food&desire and GEMA Group.

He is the development's second culinary partner, after Chris Lucas, Martin Benn and Vicki Wild revealed they will open their new venture there.

The Fish Shoppe's commitment to wild and sustainable fishing is now officially recognised.

Trisha Greentree is putting her spin on the beloved menu.

Reynold Poernomo has introduced a new savoury tasting menu to shift the focus.