The national champions were awarded a $15,000 culinary trip to North America.

Now in its third year, this was WIFA's biggest yet. Read the full list of finalists and winners here.

After five years, they're all almost gone.

Restaurant Brands Group described its plans as “aggressively paced”.

As one of Melbourne’s least-expected but most-anticipated openings of 2019, we asked chef-owner Matt Wilkinson what’s been selling in the new digs.

The menu and fit-out will be consistent with the original at the Royal, with Mike Eggert overseeing the kitchens.

The internet sensation's restaurant empire quickly expanded after that viral video, but he will now be taken to court.

Paola Toppi is bringing her brand of Italian to Martin Place.

The winner is from a Melbourne restaurant whose head chef won the chef title in 2017.

Its rashers use 100 per cent Australian pork.

Its "rainbow" food and iconic waterfront location helped it beat cafes around the world.

Jill Dupleix went inside and reported back what the top chefs were talking about.

It's not just the cuisine that's changing, the service will too.

The 2019 national winning team will be awarded a $15,000 culinary trip to North America.