Our restaurant experience is about to change

Get ready for a new frontier in menu accessing, reading and ordering.

We love our food, but not only that, we also love to eat with our eyes first. Food seekers have had to read the written menu since the 18th century, and still today just about all restaurants serve up their menu to patrons with only the written word.

But we are on the very cusp of a big change to the plain written word, something much more visually delicious and inspiring…
It’s called VIZU.menu, and it’s a menu marketing platform created for viewing and ordering whilst at a restaurant, or discussing a menu “on-the-go”. Customers can now view their menus on their smartphones through beautiful photography of each dish and drink, and much more easily discover, discuss and plan their eating-out ventures with friends.

It’s the evolution of the menu – Lennox Coffee and Kitchen published their VIZU.menu last week.
It’s the evolution of the menu – Lennox Coffee and Kitchen published their VIZU.menu last week.

However, VIZU.menu is not only intended to vastly improve the customer experience, but also to allow restaurant owners to market their venues in the digital space without so much as lifting a finger. There’s just too many marketing mediums and digital marketing platforms for restaurant owners to keep up with, let alone the time it takes for restaurant owners to manage all the content, but VIZU.menu plans to change all that.

For the last few years, restaurant owners have begun to understand that digital marketing is progressively becoming much more important, setting up their own websites, adding dish photography to instagram, and even going to the lengths of building custom menus on their websites. To some effect this has been working to bring new customers in their doors: everyone loves to feast their eyes on and be tempted by beautifully presented food and drinks.

However, the experience is still very limited in how easily these websites and social accounts can be navigated, shared and discussed between potential customers – all of this has a huge negative impact on each restaurants marketing ability.

Enter the simplicity of a VIZU.menu – restaurant owners can very simply type up their menu in 10-20 minutes, post a photo with each dish or drink, and the rest is done by VIZU.menu: a la carte marketing.

“The Vegetarian” at Lennox Coffee and Kitchen – no instagram necessary here
“The Vegetarian” at Lennox Coffee and Kitchen – no instagram necessary here

Menu discovery will be a crucial feature of VIZU.menu with customers being able to discover a VIZU.menu by their location, food category selection, nutritional requirements, by discounts, or even by beauty, and then share and discuss those discoveries with friends to organise their next meal, or just to gloat about their wickedly tasteful experiences.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with more features planned for release soon, including:

  • Native language menus for travellers or non-English speaking customers
  • Customer menu subscriptions with automated notifications of new dishes
  • Advanced menu tracking for customer insights and learnings
  • Food orders and order management features

If you own a restaurant or a cafe, VIZU.menu is taking requests for free trial memberships for a limited time at http://vizu.menu.

It’s a brave new world, and today VIZU.menu is changing the menu experience for the better.

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