foodservice Dish of the Year 2018 awards


The annual foodservice Dish of the Year awards are back!

We’re looking to celebrate the stand-out dishes that grace Australia’s menus, and reward the innovators who are taking the country’s food to the next level.

Do you have a knockout dish set to steal the crown in 2018?

Entries have now closed. Stay tuned!

Thanks to our partners Fonterra, Birch & Waite, Speedibake, Tip Top Foodservice and Hellmann's, we’ll be searching the country far and wide to find the best in class – the Best Burger, Best Fish & Chips, Best Pizza, Best Salad and Best Breakfast Roll.

Whether you’re a chef with a coveted chef's hat, or no apron at all, you can enter. It’s all about your top dish and whether it sings out above all others.

The winner in each category will be profiled in front of 14,000 of their peers in foodservice magazine and online, with the champions taking home invaluable industry recognition and exposure.

It’s easy to enter and you can enter one, or all four, categories. You can even nominate a dish from another restaurant that you think is the best.



Best Burger: With burgers, the options are endless, from old-school milk bar renditions to pulled pork sliders, fish burgers or even vegetarian. What makes your burger the best of the best?


Best Fish & Chips: It’s one of the all-time classic combos, with choice of fish, type of batter and cut of chip making all the difference. Why is your fish & chips Australia’s ultimate?


Best Pizza: Authentic, inspired, thin versus thick crust, lots of topping or spare – a lot of thought goes into each pizza. Is your pizza the perfect combination?


Best Breakfast Roll: Some argue it’s the most important meal of the day. So does your breakfast roll do justice to this meal’s importance?



Best Salad: From iceberg with tomato and carrot with a splash of Paul Newman's, to something a little more exotic, what makes your favourite salad more than just a side dish?



To enter, simply nominate your favourite dish by providing its name, a brief description, and the name of the restaurant or cafe that offers it up. Entries will be shortlisted, and dishes from the shortlist sampled by our judging panel.

Or email entries to, subject line ‘Dish of the Year’

Entries have now closed. Stay tuned!

A dish only needs to be nominated once to be considered. Dishes entered more than once will not be considered more than dishes nominated fewer times, or only once.



Best Pizza


Best Breakfast Roll

Best Burger
Best Salad

Best Fish & Chips