SPONSORED: Poaching hospitality staff – Practice, problems and solutions

The acquiring or ‘poaching’ of candidates from competitor businesses is a grey area in the hospitality industry.

Here we look at the different ways to acquire specific candidates – as well as identifying some problems and suggesting solutions.

Direct poaching from a competitor
You might tell yourself you just hire aggressively, but there’s a fine line between this kind of practice and poaching.

If you are taking active steps to attract a candidate who’s shown no previous interest in your organisation, you are poaching.

Using a recruitment agency to acquire specific candidates
Specialist recruitment agencies are a great resource to use when searching for top talent.

When choosing an agency to source hospitality staff, be sure to choose an experienced, well-regarded organisation with clear ethical principles.

Using employee referrals to win specific candidates
An increasing number of companies use employee referral schemes to source and attract good talent. This differs from poaching because:

  • You are not making a direct approach.
  • Employees cannot give details of job, salary and conditions.
  • There is no guarantee of employment.

Problems involved with poaching
However much you want to acquire someone else’s talent, you need to be aware of the difficulties involved.

  • Your reputation - If you become known in the hospitality industry for poaching, you reduce your credibility and damage your reputation.
  • Your candidate’s reputation
  • You might win that desired candidate but, in the process, earn them a reputation as a disloyal worker not to be trusted.
  • Legal problems - In poaching a competitor’s candidate, you may fall foul of any ‘restraint of trade’ agreement they signed as part of their contract to protect intellectual copyright.

Alternatives to poaching
The good news? Alternatives exist to the cloak-and-dagger approach, and they’re accessible to every organisation.

  • Nurture the talent under your nose using flexible and attractive working conditions, and career development opportunities.
  • Recruit smartly. Target core attributes and key performance indicators when interviewing hospitality candidates.
  • Use the experience and expertise of a specialist recruitment agency like Frontline Hospitality to help fill those hospitality jobs.
  • So, you don’t have to resort to poaching to find great staff. Think laterally to win top talent!

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