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Sydney’s fine dining scene has taken another hit.

The Fair Work Ombudsman is cracking down on underpayments, big and small.

12-month membership contracts with bar tabs, discounts and a concierge service.

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The chef shows us his favourite spots to eat around Melbourne's centre.

How one social enterprise restaurant incorporates indigenous fruits, herbs and seeds are into European-technique driven desserts.

But Bluebonnet Barbecue rose from the ashes because Chris Terlikar is a survivor. Few restaurateurs have taken as many knocks as this man.

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Paul Farag (head chef at Sydney's Fish Butchery) and Murat Ovaz (head chef at Melbourne's Yagiz) joined forces on this creamy, crunchy, tangy dish.

The Hotel Jesus head chef proves ceviche isn't always reserved for fish-eaters. This vegan alternative is typical to Ecuador.

"The Korean BBQ sauce is a standout for me. It has fermented soy beans in it that gives it just the right strong, salty kick and a really authentic umami taste," says Stahnke.